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HSGC Students in the computer Lab


  • Pupilpath: You can log on here to access your student grades


Social Networks


  • Linkedin: Find people who share your interests among a community of 40 million students and professional seeking to advance their career and education interests


  • hi5: An international social network that also operates on a local level, this site allows members to stay connected, while sharing their lives and keeping up with current events. This is especially interesting for those enrolled in online colleges for history, or even those studying psychology.


  • beRecruited: A network for athletes looking to get recruited for college sports, this site connects students with coaches.


  • A network for students, parents, and administrators to learn the facts about financial aid, scholarships, loans, jobs, and college majors


  • MyCool: A social network considering fashion, culture and life this site is great for students looking for a study break.



Finding Research Sources


  • Google Scholar: Saving students even more time, Google Scholar finds research articles relevant to any project or paper.



  • Infoplease: A complete database of encyclopedias, atlases, thesauruses and other reference material, Infoplease is extremely useful.


  • Drawing from sources such as the Oxford University Press and Columbia University this encyclopedia is a must tool for modern students.

Tools for School
  • eNotes: With summaries for master works and even minor poems, this site is impressive in its professional offerings.


  • SparkNotes: Easily accessible and helpful summaries of classic books are the hallmarks of this site seeking to better students’ understanding of literature.


  • Spreeder: This neat tool speed reads text from any online source and makes skimming articles for research a breeze.


  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.


  • Quizlet: Create, study, print, share and download millions of flashcards. 

Tasks and Goal Managers


  • Toodledo: An online to-do list that is simple and easy to use, Toodledo lets students organize and focused.


  • Google Calendar: Yet another highly helpful Google application, this tool plans by day, week, month or year.


  • Remember the Milk: An extremely helpful task manager, this site is also available in a mobile format so you always have a reminder of your goals.


  • Joe’s Goals: An online goal tracker built into a grid, this site helps users visualize their goals.

Citation Generator
  • EasyBib: Generate citations in MLA, APA & Chicago formats for your bibliography. Save time by making a Works Cited page automatically!


  • OttoBib: Make a bibliography or works cited with just an ISBN. It's free, easy and FAST


  • You can quickly generate citations, a works cited page and more so you can focus on what's really important, your essay! 


  • WorksCited4U: Fast and Free Bibliography Generation. Automatically Formatted in MLA, APA and Chicago Style Formats


  • BibMe: The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. It's the easiest way to build a works cited page.

Research Paper Skills


  • ThesisBuilders: tools to help students find a topic, create a good thesis statement, and generate an outline


  • The Plagiarism Checker: This free plagiarism detector will find plagiarized text in homework and other essays/reports.


  • A Research Guide: Learn the tricks to write a research paper with this great guide for students of any age for any subject.




  • Purdue OWL: over 200 free resources including Writing and Teaching Writing, Research, Grammar and Mechanics, Style Guides, ESL (English as a Second Language) and Job Search and Professional Writing


Online Libraries
  • Questia: With over 5,000 books freely and easily available online, this site is a must for students.
  • Thousands of full text free books, this resource is great for fiction and poetry fans.
  • Classic Reader: A searchable online library featuring works from great authors such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickinson.
  • Authorama: Featuring completely free books from a variety of different authors, this site allows users to works online or offline
  • Offering eBooks from a variety of different authors, these books are funny and quick reads.
  • Chest of Books: Giving readers access to tens of thousands of books, this site is great for readers who happen to be students.
Resources for College
  • ACT: Information and Registration for the ACT


  • The College Board: Information and Registration for SAT and SAT Subject Tests; College and majors search



  • CSS Profile: A financial aid form required by some colleges as part of their financial aid application.


  • FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid


  • CampusTours: Not every student can afford to travel the country visiting schools. For the cash-strapped and college bound, there’s CampusTours which allows for a much cheaper virtual alternative to visiting a number of universities.


  • FAFSA4CASTER: This tool helps calculate a student’s expected financial aid based on parent’s income taxes.

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