About Global Kids


Global Kids offers a range of year-round programs in schools, online, and at our headquarters. We work primarily with middle school and high school youth, and also provide professional development and capacity building services for educators and institutions, and special trainings for youth.  


Key ingredients in all Global Kids youth programs are:

  • International affairs and  global education.

  • 21st Century skill building including problem-solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, and cross-cultural communication. 

  • Hands-on leadership opportunities through youth led peer education, social action campaigns, service learning projects, digital media production, and internships.

  • Exposure to and dialogue with experts, policy makers, and activists.

  • Focused college and career exploration.  

    Youth development support and mentoring by Global Kids staff.


Our program areas include:

  • Leadership in International Affairs and Civic Engagement 

  • Creative Arts for Collective Action

  • Harnessing Digital Culture and the Power of Social Media

  • College Counseling and Career Readiness 

  • Curriculum, Professional Development, Special Trainings and Consulting Services

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Global Kids Programs

  • Human Rights Activitist Program (HRAP)

  • Young Leaders on the Rise

  • International Law and Foreign Policy Program at Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)

HSGC Global Kids Staff:

Frank Teah

Human Rights Activist Program (HRAP)


The Human Rights Activist Project (HRAP) addresses the current absence of youth voices in the public policy decision-making process and trains youth to become human rights activists. Students identify and research human rights issues and develop a campaign for social change, which includes public outreach, direct action, media strategies, meeting with elected officials, and networking with other organizers.  Past HRAP campaigns have included work on Climate Change, the DREAM Act, the genocide in Darfur, the Dignity for All Students Act, NYPD Stop and Frisk Policy, and food justice/child nutrition.

Young Leaders on the Rise 


This program targets 9th graders to help them transition to high school and stay on track for credit accumulation.  It is an extension of the Power of Citizentry Leadership Program, which help youth explore such issues as global health, poverty, children's rights, sustainability, discrimination, and human rights.  Field trips, guest speakers, mentoring, and hands-on service projects supplement the workshops.  

Global Kids Travel Initiatives: 
Through programs such as the Bardoli Scholars and American Youth Leadership
Program, Global Kids has been able to provide our students with opportunities to travel abroad to Kenya, Costa Rica, and Bosnia.
Global Kids Visit of

Michelle Obama

NY1 Coverage of HSGC students meeting Michelle Obama!