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Mission Statement

The High School for Global Citizenship is a community of active learners and problem solvers who are engaged participants in a multidisciplinary and experiential approach to learning both in and outside of the classroom. Our school is committed to both academic achievement at the highest standards and to the promotion of diversity, justice, human rights, and the democratic process.

What is Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship describes individuals who share an awareness of and a concern for the health and well being of humanity and our planet.  Global Citizens recognize that certain current issues and problems require global attention and action. 

5 Tenets of Global Citizenship:

These priorities include the promotion of:

  • PEACE – the non-violent resolution of conflict;

  • JUSTICE– the guarantee of a standard of living above poverty and basic human rights for all;

  • SUSTAINABILITY – the responsible development and protection of our natural environment and resources;

  • DIVERSITY – tolerance of and respect for differences across humanity; and,

  • DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION – the right to participate and express an opinion in one’s government and political process. 

Global Citizens:

  • recognize that these goals have not yet been universally achieved in today’s world

  • understand the connections between their local actions and experiences and what is happening in the rest of the world

  • use this awareness and understanding to effect positive change in the world 

Our students will:

  • develop skills and attitudes necessary for success in college and in the 21st century economy, including constant and active learning, effective communication, problem solving skills, and effort/perseverance.

  • acquire specific content knowledge and skills, will be able to meet New York State Commencement Learning Standards and requirements for graduation, and will demonstrate academic readiness for competitive colleges/universities.

  • gain a heightened awareness of current issues facing our global community and will develop a global perspective (which includes a foundation of knowledge about global conditions and events, empathy/concern for condition of others, and recognition of their power to effect positive change in the world). 

HSGC achieves its mission by

  • creating a school culture based on high expectations for student learning and behavior;

  • designing our curriculum and core learning experiences around problems and questions;

  • making the curriculum interdisciplinary, interconnected, and focused on global issues;

  • providing opportunities for students to learn and experience their learning inside and outside the classroom;

  • offering multiple layers of support to our students

3 Guiding principles of HSGC

  • ONE MIC: One person speaks at a time. Give full attention to the speaker. Listen actively and wait patiently to speak. 

  • SAFE SPACE:  Help create a space in which everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas. Show respect by honoring everyone's physical and mental space.

  • PARTICIPATION:  Actively engage in all activities. Get involved by bringing a positive attitude, open mind, focused listening and critical ideas to class.

Vision for Brooklyn High Schools

   All high schools in Brooklyn will provide rigorous curricula, effective instruction and innovative programs to

   all students in supportive and respectful learning environments leading to the development of their college and

   career readiness skills.

Mission for Brooklyn High Schools

  1. Writing across secondary grades with a focus on grades 7 and 10

  2. Innovative collaboration among schools

  3. College Partnerships--College Ready

  4. Career and Technical Education and Industry Partnerships--Career Ready

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