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2014-2015 HSGC NEWS

HSGC Students attend Get Schooled Event!

Posted May 2015


Several of our students made it to the Top 100 of the Capital One NYC Challenge! To celebrate, they earned an invitation to the big celebrity party at MTV HQ with Keke Palmer. The celebration was overlooking Times Square!


Congratulations to HSGC Seniors Participating in Global Kids Careers in Focus Program!

Posted May 2015


Congrats to our HSGC seniors and early graduates who will be receiving a $280.00 dollar stipend because of their participation in Global Kids Careers in Focus program. 


  • Hanson Arias

  • Bridgette Babb

  • Shemuel Bacchus

  • Kimberly Baffour

  • Shanice Bent

  • Angel Carlisle

  • Wisnel Dalce

  • Ashley Enoe

  • Sabon Johnson

  • Shari Johnson

  • Racquel Pryce

  • Aneisha Richards

  • Cenielle Thomas-Rodriguez

Hanson Arias
Bridgette Babb
Shemuel Bacchus
Kimberly Baffour
Shanice Bent
Angel Carlisle
Wisnel Dalce
Ashley Enoe
Sabon Johnson
Shari Johnson
Racquel Pryce
Aneisha Richards
Cenielle Thomas-Rodriguez
Congratulations to Kacey Milus, 2015 Pencil Fellow!

Posted March 2015


Kacey was selected as a 2015 PENCIL Fellow during Round 2! It was one of Pencil Fellow's most competitive years as they received around 600 applications. Kacey showed off his talents throughout the application and interview process!

Check out our students featured in this video about ScriptED
Posted March 2015


Catalyst: Maurya Couvares


In an effort to diversify the tech community, Maurya Couvares created ScriptED, teaching underserved High School students computer programming and coding.

International Women's Day Summit at Bloomberg

Posted March 2015


In honor of International Women’s Day, the Bloomberg Women’s Community is teaming up with Philanthropy & Engagement to celebrate the impact of women leaders, showcase achievements and highlight opportunities to inspire change in cities around the world. From innovative speakers, robust service projects, and mentoring opportunities for our next generation of young women leaders, Bloomberg is supporting the advancement of women with over 60 events in 15 cities globally.


As a Bloomberg partner organization, up to 20 students from PENCIL are invited to participate in our International Women’s Day Leadership Summit. Taking place on Sunday, March 8th, Bloomberg will host over 100 young women for a day of dynamic workshops and speed- mentoring.


One of our students, Shanice Bent, has been selected for this amazing opportunity!

Shanice Bent, a senior at the High School for Global Citizenship 
NYIT Introduces Girls to Engineering 
Posted March 2, 2015


As a cornerstone of its celebration of National Engineers Week, NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences (SoECS) hosted its “Introduce a Girl to Engineering” event on Feb. 26 for the second straight year on both its Old Westbury and Manhattan campuses.


National Engineers Week, founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers, celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of engineering professionals everywhere and is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology-related careers. 


In proud support of this mission, SoECS showcased the success and accomplishments of its students, faculty, and alumni through this special event hosted for middle- and high school girls to increase their awareness about and pique their interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. The ultimate goal is to encourage girls to consider careers in engineering and computer science. 


“The demand for engineers, computer scientists, and others in STEM fields in the United States is far greater than the current supply,” explained Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D., NYIT’s first female dean of the SoECS. NYIT is committed to helping build the pipeline for STEM students and professionals, she noted, and cited the effectiveness of providing role models for girls as well as “hands-on access to technology” to entice them to enter and stay in engineering and related fields.


Article continued here


NOTE: 25 of our students were in attendance at this event

Black History Month Event at US Mission to the UN
Posted February 26, 2015


Pictured are all HSGC students in the picture, along with the panelists, Ms. Farrier and Kevin Murungi from Global Kids. The panel included Wade Henderson, President & CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and Sherrilyn Ifill, President & Director-Counsel of LDF (NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund), the nation's premier civil rights law organization. Mr Henderson loved the students.


Ambassador Power opened with some remarks and mentioned HSGC students who were in attendance.


HSGC senior Racquel Pryce asked an excellent question about voting rights for the incarcerated.

Brianna Sound Off On Black History

Posted February 2015


Question: What does Black History Month mean to you?


There are a number of stereotypes associated with minorities that generally destroy the world we live in. It can get frustrating, especially since the majority of the stereotypes are false and society fails to give minorities a chance to shine and be recognized. To me, Black History Month is not just a month printed on the calendar, but instead a time where we embrace the strengths and hard work of our black leaders as well as our ancestors who fought endlessly for equality and peace among all people.


As a black student, the first thing I was introduced to in my history class was about slavery and how it changed many lives for people of my race. Indeed, it did, as those days were considered the worst for us all. During that time, many blacks were discriminated against because of the color of their skin. They had to work all day and night, in farms, taking care of people's children, cleaning houses – all the while getting little to no payment. They were beaten brutally if they did not do what they were told. Still, they managed to keep their heads up and knew that one day they would obtain the freedom they deserved.


Click link above for continuation of article.

Brianna Logan, a junior at the High School for Global Citizenship 
LinkedIn Connects Students to College and Career Pathways
Posted December 11, 2014


Beginning of Article

There are many components to developing the college- and career-ready skills needed for a modern workforce: The ability to communicate professionally, leverage personal brands, apply academics to the office environment, and build a foundational network of connections. Students at the High School for Global Citizenship (HSGC) started developing all those skills after connecting with new PENCIL Partner LinkedIn. And while LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service, is new to New York and new to PENCIL, its chief PENCIL Partner, Christopher Douglass (Chris), is familiar with the school-business partnership model....


End of Article

Students in the Partnership are excited and ready to get more involved with their business volunteers from LinkedIn. Kacey, a junior, said that having business people teach students lessons from the corporate world helps students like him realize what is possible for career-life.

“They give great insight into the business world and this is a good experience to be able to learn from them and one day, do what they do in an office,” he said.


Brianna, also a junior, knows that this kind of exposure to the corporate world will benefit her after high school and college. “Having businesses like LinkedIn come into our classroom to teach us things that are not in a textbook helps us expand our knowledge of the business world and prepare us for life after high school,” she said.

Councilman Goes Green with Latest Bill

Posted October 30, 2014


Beginning of Article:

The City Council Environmental Protection Committee held a hearing last Friday on a new bill sponsored by first-year Councilman Costa Constantinides (D-Astoria), that would mandate the city reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050


End of Article:

The councilman’s bill has garnered praise from Build It Green!NYC, the Urban Green Council and Global Kids.


“I saw what happened to my neighbors during the hurricane, and I read that it was because of climate change,” Ernst Cadet, a junior at the High School for Global Citizenship and student leader at Global Kids, said. “Just because your house doesn’t get destroyed and flooded, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about other people.”


The bill should be voted on by the Environmental Protection Committee within the next few weeks and brought before the full Council in the near future.


Ernst Cadet, a junior at the High School for Global Citizenship and student leader at Global Kids
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